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Executive Team

Go beyond the brands and discover the people that drive our success.

Noel Wallace*

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wallace became President and Chief Executive Officer in 2019 and Chairman in 2020. He previously served as President and Chief Operating Officer from 2018 to 2019, responsible for all of the Company’s operating units worldwide. He joined Colgate-Palmolive in 1987 and progressed through a series of senior management roles around the world. He became President, Colgate North America and Global Sustainability in 2010, President, Colgate Latin America in 2013 and Chief Operating Officer, Global Innovation & Growth and Hill’s Pet Nutrition in 2016.


Jennifer M. Daniels*

Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Ms. Daniels joined Colgate-Palmolive in 2014 from NCR Corporation, where she was Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. Prior to joining NCR in 2010, she was General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Barnes & Noble, Inc. Previously, Ms. Daniels spent nearly seventeen years at IBM. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School.


Henning Jakobsen*

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Jakobsen became CFO in May 2018 having most recently been Colgate-Palmolive's Vice President and Corporate Controller since 2017. He joined the Company in 1989, and has held key financial positions for the Company's European and North American business units, as well as General Manager assignments in Africa and Europe. In 2006 he became Chief Financial Officer of Chr. Hansen, a Denmark-based multinational bioscience organization, before rejoining Colgate in 2011.


Prabha Parameswaran*

Group President, Global Innovation Group

Ms. Parameswaran became Group President, Global Innovation Group in July 2020 with an intensified focus on Colgate's 2025 Strategic Plan and added responsibility for Colgate's new Global Sustainability framework. Previously, Ms. Parameswaran was Group President, Global Innovation Group & Africa-Eurasia since August 2019 and President, Colgate Europe from 2016 to 2019. She joined Colgate-Palmolive in 1995 in India and progressed through a series of marketing positions in India, the Global Oral Care and Toothbrush Divisions, Asia and Mexico. She next led Colgate’s business in India as Vice President & General Manager starting in 2012 and, in 2014, became President, Colgate Africa/Eurasia.


Panagiotis Tsourapas*

Group President, Colgate-Latin America, Asia Pacific & Africa-Eurasia

Mr. Tsourapas became Group President, Latin America, Asia Pacific & Africa-Eurasia in July 2020 focusing on executing Colgate's 2025 strategy across these three divisions. Previously, Mr. Tsourapas was Group President, Latin America & Asia Pacific since August 2019 and President, Latin America from 2016 to 2019. He joined Colgate-Palmolive in 1992 in Greece and progressed through a series of marketing and customer development positions in Greece and Colgate Europe. He next led Colgate’s business in Greece as Vice President & General Manager starting in 2005 and the Global Toothbrush Division starting in 2010 before becoming President, Colgate Africa/Eurasia in 2012 and President, Colgate Europe/South Pacific in 2014.


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    Lia Arvanitidou
    VP, Global R&D

    Issam Bachaalani
    VP & GM, Colgate-Eurasia

    Daniel Bagley
    VP, Global R&D

    Dave Baloga
    VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Nicki Baty
    VP & GM, Hill's Pet Nutrition, U.S.

    Donald Beatty
    VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Angel Dario Belalcazar
    VP, Global R&D

    Joseph M. Bertolini*
    VP, Global Finance

    Jose Borrell
    VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Yves Briantais
    VP, Colgate-Asia Pacific

    Peter Brons-Poulsen*
    President, Colgate-Europe

    Marsha Butler
    VP, Global Oral Care

    Scott Cain
    VP, Global Finance

    Scott Campbell
    VP, Global Marketing

    Burc Cankat
    VP & GM, Colgate-North Africa/Middle East & Turkey

    Maria Paula Capuzzo
    VP & GM, Colgate-Brazil

    Rosario Carlino
    VP & GM, Colgate-East Africa

    Maria Elisa Carvajal
    VP & GM, Global Oral Care

    Martin J. Collins
    VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Michael A. Corbo*
    Chief Supply Chain Officer

    Mike Crowe*
    Chief Information Officer

    Rich Cuprys
    VP, Global R&D

    Monica Davila
    VP, Colgate-Latin America

    Paula Davis
    VP & Chief Communications Officer

    Pierre Denis
    VP, Global R&D

    Mukul Deoras*
    President, Colgate-Asia Pacific

    Julie Dillon
    VP & GM, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Greater Asia & South Pacific

    Craig Dubitsky
    Chief Innovation Strategist, Colgate
    Friendly Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Hello Products

    Philip Durocher
    VP, Colgate-North America

    Gavin du Toit
    VP, Global eCommerce

    John Faucher*
    Chief Investor Relations Officer

    Kim Faulker
    VP, Colgate-Latin America

    Jean-Luc Fischer*
    President, Colgate-North America

    Betsy Fishbone
    VP, Global Legal

    Laura Flavin
    VP, Global Human Resources

    Nadine Flynn
    VP, Global Legal

    David Foster
    VP, Global Information Technology

    Bertrand Frohly
    CEO, Laboratoires Filorga

    Diana Geofroy
    VP, Colgate-Mexico

    Corrado Giaquinto
    VP & GM, Colgate-Greater Indochina

    Derek Gordon
    Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

    Taylor Gordy
    VP & GM, Colgate-Northern Europe

    Peter Graylin
    VP, Global Legal

    Valerie Haliburton
    VP, Global Ethics & Compliance

    John Hazlin*
    President, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia

    Astrid Hermann
    VP, Colgate-North America

    Raymond Ho
    VP, Colgate-Asia Pacific

    Robert Hofmann
    VP, Colgate-Europe & Africa/Eurasia

    Yvonne Hsu
    VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition, U.S.

    Henry Hu
    VP, Global Supply Chain

    Nina Huffman
    VP, Global Legal

    Traci Hughes-Velez
    VP, Colgate-Europe

    John J. Huston*
    SVP, Chief of Staff

    Kristi Hutchinson
    VP, Global Legal

    Eugene Kelly
    VP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Iain Kielty
    VP, Global Finance

    Brigitte H. King
    Chief Digital Officer

    Charalabos Klados
    VP, Global Legal

    Raj Kohli
    VP, Global R&D

    John Kooyman*
    Chief of Staff

    Lauri Kien Kotcher
    CEO, Hello Products

    Wojciech Krol
    VP & GM, Colgate-Central Europe East

    Al Lee*
    Chief Internal Governance Officer

    Adriana Leite
    VP, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia

    Sergio Leite
    VP, Global R&D

    Stephane Lionnet*
    VP & Treasurer

    Javier Llinas
    VP, Global Information Technology

    Moira Loten
    VP, Global Oral Care

    Gregory Malcolm
    VP, Chief Business Services Officer

    Daniel B. Marsili*
    SVP, Global Human Resources

    Cesar Martinez
    VP & GM, Colgate-Southern Cone

    Pablo Mascolo
    VP, Colgate-Latin America

    Sally Massey*
    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Gerald Mastio
    VP & GM, Colgate-Western Europe

    Paul McGarry
    VP, Global Information Technology

    Dana Medema
    VP & GM, Oral Care, North America

    Pascal Montilus
    VP, Colgate-North America

    Anne-Marie Motte
    VP & GM, Global Personal Care & Home Care

    Francisco Munoz
    VP & GM, Colgate-Central America

    Josue M. Munoz
    VP, Global Supply Chain

    Eddie Niem
    VP & GM, Hawley & Hazel

    Jesper Nordengaard*
    President, Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Godfrey Nthunzi
    VP, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia

    Edward Oblon
    VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Terrell Partee
    VP, Global R&D

    Hector Pedraza
    VP & GM, Colgate-Andina

    Brent Peterson
    VP, Global Human Resources

    Massimo Poli
    VP &  GM, Colgate-Mexico

    Warren Pruitt
    VP, Global Supply Chain

    Ram Raghavan
    VP & GM, Colgate-India & South Asia

    Rekha Rao
    VP, Colgate-North America

    Riccardo Ricci
    VP & GM, Colgate-Southern Europe

    Lauren Richardson
    Chief Procurement Officer

    Chad D. Riley
    VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Nancy Rolph
    VP, Chief Security Officer

    Michele Ross
    VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Paolo Rossetto
    VP, Colgate-Europe

    Debashish Roy
    VP, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia

    Maria Ryan
    Chief Dental Officer

    Bernal Saborio
    VP & GM, Colgate-Caribbean

    Arvind Sachdev
    VP & GM, Colgate-Philippines

    Ivan Sandoval
    VP, Global Legal

    David Scharf
    VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Dany Schmidt
    VP & GM, Colgate-Central Europe West

    Sara Scrittore
    VP, Colgate-Asia Pacific

    Mori Seguchi
    VP & GM, Hill's Pet Nutrition-Japan

    Alain Semeneri
    VP & GM, Hill’s Pet Nutrition-EMEA

    Esi Seng
    GM, Tom's of Maine

    Jose Fernando Serrano
    VP, Colgate-Latin America

    Andrew Shepard
    VP, Global Skin Health

    Philip Shotts*
    VP & Controller

    Luciano Sieber
    VP, Global Supply Chain

    Lynne Tapper
    VP, Global Human Resources

    Penne Thornett
    GM, EltaMD

    Richard Thorogood
    VP, Global Insights

    Linda Topping
    VP, Global Supply Chain

    Ann Tracy
    Chief Sustainability Officer

    Bill Van de Graaf
    VP, Colgate-North America

    Patricia Verduin*
    Chief Technology Officer

    James Wang
    VP & GM, Colgate-Asia Pacific

    Mauro Watanabe
    VP, Colgate-Europe & Africa/Eurasia

    Cliff Wilkins
    VP, Global Legal

    Courtney Williams
    VP, Global Legal

    Andrew Wilson
    VP, Colgate-Asia Pacific

    Dan Wish
    VP, Global Marketing

    Alan Wolpert
    VP, Colgate-Latin America

    Winnie Wong
    VP & GM, Colgate-Greater China

    Juan Pablo Zamorano*
    President, Colgate-Latin America

    Joanna Zucker
    VP & GM, PCA Skin


*Corporate Officer

Last Updated: August 2020.